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Founder / CEO
Aman Ratnasamy

I am a financial and M&A expert at I have been riding motorcycles for the past 8-9 years. Over the years i have realized that travelling is good for the mind and body. It widens your perspective towards life.
I have made a lot of good friends who have become brothers.
Motorcycling takes you to new and unexplored places and makes you a storyteller.
I tell everyone, "Do what you like because you get only one life"

Facebook Profile:- Aman Ratnasamy
Phone no.:- 9958288325

Founder / Ceo
Abhishek Singharia

 I am really passionate about biking.
For me its more than just riding the bike. From the day I started biking I discovered myself. Its a rejuvnating experience
I have observed great things and learned a lot
I have discovered great things outside the world where I used to live a normal life and I can say that now I am more confident and can take up any ride without hesitating
The best of all I have discovered is the brotherhood and have many great brothers from each and every journey

Facebook Profile:- Abhishek Singharia
Phone no.:- 9650912848